Zoey Holloway is the tough rebel introduced in Season 2. She attempts to kill Claire Riesen by posing as a soldier. Zoey's attempt is unsuccessful and she is arrested for further questioning. Claire is fed up quickly that Zoey gives her nothing, especially when Claire suspects that David Whele sent Zoey to kill her. She later escapes and runs away to meet her rebel group. She then kidnaps David when he's found in a V-1 area and threatens to kill him, but he offers her support and ammo.

After David instigated the civil war and tore the city into two halves, she attempts to guard the armourey because of some of David's intelligence from Arika, she is captured by Claire's forces following a Gates over hearing David's conversation with Arika. Following the capture Claire meets her in her cell, tells her how disapointed she is in her and kills her


Zoey is a tough rebel and she would do whatever it takes to see her people and her city change. She wishes that the V-1 group would be treated better and is for starting war. She sticks to her cause. However, she is unsure of herself. This is evident when she is reluctant to give a speech to the city of Vega. She also cared about those close to her, especially her lifetime friend, Jasper. She became extremely depressed and motivated at the same time when Jasper died from a gunshot wound in the abdomen. She becomes an authoritative leader of the rebellion against Claire Riesen, but this unfortunately leads to her demise against the former leader.