Wings are enormous feathery appendages that unfurl from the upper backs of angels.[1] Their wings allow them to propel themselves through the air at high speeds as well as reach exceptionally high altitudes under their own power. Wings are the key physical characteristic of angels; it is what they are recognized for and what distinguishes them from humans in terms of appearance. Wings only appeared on the angels who manifested themselves instead of taking humans as vessels.

Angels can reabsorb their wings back into their bodies at will. Without their wings visible, angels appear exactly human and can only be distinguished by their immortality and superhuman strength. This makes it easier for angels to pass as human.

The feathers and fur of their wings are impenetrable and thus serve as ideal shields to protect them from gunfire as well as environmental hazards such as fire.[2] An example of their strength could be seen when the Archangel Gabriel was seen to stand casually through a hail of motorized .50 caliber[3] machine gun bullets unharmed simply by wrapping his wings around his body. Their super-humanly strong muscle tissue adds additional strength and durability to their wings and protects them from being ripped out or severed by any conventional means. Only the dorsal scapula where the wings retract contain penetrable tissue and can only be accessed surgically.[4] The feathers of the wings can be used offensively as slicing weapons to disembowel or eviscerate opponents if necessary. The feathers can also be used for healing wounds made by Empyrean Steel, by burning the feather and applying the ashes onto the wound.