The V-System is a rigid occupation-based social ordering which ensures the vital work of building and running Vega is accomplished. Inspired by his training at West Point, General Riesen worked with the Senate to create the system. The class system is preserved to be unfair by the lower classes who are not allowed to move above their station.



V1s are the lowest class in the system. Those included are the unemployed, unskilled, and orphans.


V2s are the labor class that includes the military enlisted and manual labor.


V3s are the professional class that includes military officers, nurses, clerks, technicians, and engineers.


V4s are that agriculture class that includes farmers, ranchers, natural engineers, and water and waste mangers.


V5s are the learned class that include military generals, judges, lawyers, physicians, scientists, and priests.


V6s are the ruling class that runs Vega's government.

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