Roan is one of the powers who serve Gabriel. He has the appearance of a young boy and was able to infiltrate Helena and live within their society undetected. He gained the favor of Queen Evelyn and was welcomed as a member of her personal entourage. He killed Jeep Hanson while in a shelter with Vega's top people. He managed to escape alive, but his current status is unknown.

Early LifeEdit


Season 1Edit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Roan is a higher angel which gives him the advantage in both strength and apparance in that he is stronger than eight-balls and can pass as human due to him possessing his own corporeal body.

  • Manifestation - Roan was granted a corproeal body of his own.
  • Immortality - Roan is likely thousands of years old although he is possibly no older than a child as his physical appearance is that of a young boy.
  • Superhuman Strength - Roan was strong enough to stab Jeep deep into the gutt and cause severe injury despite his small frame. He was able to rip off a vent with once hand and leave hand impressions in cement.
  • Flight - Roan can unfulr his enourmous feathery wings from his upper back to fly.
  • Wall-Crawling - Roan can cling to walls and ceilings with his bare hands.


  • Empyrean Steel - Roan can be slain by empyrean steel.
  • Mass Explosions - Mass explosions can kill Roan.
  • Electricity - Elevtric shock can stunn him or render him unconicous.
  • Severe Trauma - Severe bodily damage can kill Roan.
  • Higher Angels - Archangels like Gabriel can overpower and possess Roan.