The Power Furiad.

The Powers are the second sphere of angels. Created as warriors to keep the lower angels in line, the powers were granted corporeal bodies to distinguish them from their lesser brethren and to better perform their duties on Earth. The powers answered to the archangels.

Early History

Extermination War

Like their archangel superiors, most powers remained indifferent to Gabriel and his crusade against humanity. At some point, however, the powers Furiad and Roan along with a number of others joined Gabriel.


Season 1

In Pilot the Power Furiad led a small group of his brethren in an attack on Vega during the annual Jubilee and engaged Michael in combat before retreating. Later, another power, Roan, who had disguised himself as a boy and infiltrated the society of Helena, killed Jeep Hanson before escaping.

In Godspeed, Furiad and several other powers are seen with Gabriel at his party.

Armor & Rank

Powers wear unique, skin-tight leather armor with empyrean steel plating. Their wings also have metallic textures to them and match whatever armor they wear. A power's rank can be discerned by the color of their wings and armor.

Higher Powers

Higher powers powers possess red wings and wear red armor. Furiad is one of this rank and is also distinguished by his red eyes.

Lesser Powers

Lesser or subordinate powers possess black wings and wear black armor.

Powers & Abilities

  • Possession - Powers have no need for possession as God gave them their own bodies when they were created.
  • Immortality - Powers do not grow old or die from the passing of time.
  • Superhuman Strength - Powers are not the strongest of angels, but they can prove a match for an archangel if they gain the upper hand in battle. Michael described them as far more dangerous than the angels who possess humans.
  • Wings - They can unfurl their enormous feathery wings from their upper backs to protect them from gunfire.
    • Flight - Powers can manifest a set of wings along with their bodies and can use them to fly at their will.
    • Wing Blades - Their feathers, when swung fast enough, can severe flesh.
    • Wing Shields - Their wings protect them from the gunfire and blade attacks.
  • Fighting - As their job is to keep the lower angels on line, powers are skilled fighters.
  • Wall-Crawling - Powers can climb walls with their bare hands.


  • Empyrean Steel - Powers can be slain by empyrean weapons.
  • Electricity - Electric shock can stun them and knock them unconscious.
  • Mass Explosions - Mass, contained explosions can kill them.
  • Higher Angels - Higher angels, such as their fellow powers, can prove a deadly match to a power. Archangels like Gabriel can possess powers.

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