Status: Fellow Angels; On-and-off Relationship: Were like Siblings, Former Friends, Former Allies; Currently Enemies. Michael was her superior and Noma was his inferior. Michael made Noma oath to protect Alex Lannon at all costs after she killed Alex's mother when the Chosen One was a baby.

This is the relationship between the archangel Michael and the Higher Angel Noma Banks.

Early History

Michael and Noma both lived in Heaven as God's children. When they were cast out, both were devastated. Noma pretended to take Michael's side as Gabriel's messenger/minion when Gabriel decided to break the Seventh Seal and declare war on humanity. Michael originally trusted Noma more than any other angel, besides his own twin brother. When Noma killed Charlie and took Alex Lannon as a baby, Michael found her and she claimed that she felt God's presence within the child and felt guilty for killing his mother and for wanting to kill the baby. Michael was extremely disappointed in her and made her swear to always devote herself to The Chosen One.

Season 1

Early in the season, no interaction is shown between them until Gabriel pushes Noma off of the Stratosphere and she unfurls her wings, forcing herself to reveal her species-identity to Alex as she flies away from Vega. Michael later takes Alex outside the city to explain that he assigned Noma to look after Alex. Noma then flies to meet them and Alex and Noma have a heart ful reunion as Michael watches/guards the area they chose to meet at.

Season 2

Michael and Noma are shown to be closer in friendship and allies, possibly because Michael feels that Noma protected Alex well all those years after killing Charlie, especially after she ripped out her own wings to save Alex's life. Noma even looked after him when he fainted due to The Prophet's spell and dream that was cast upon Michael to explain the laws and principles of Mallory. However, during this time, Noma manages to strike a deal with Michael's oldest brother, Lucifer, and betrays her friendship with Michael and her romance with Alex for a new set of white wings. Michael immediately realizes with Gabriel after visiting Mallory together that Noma is the one who betrayed him, Alex and his allies.