Laurel Phillips
Series Actor Olivia Mace
Seen Season 2
Gender Female
Type Human
Home Mallory
Relationships Reverend Bruce Phillips(Father/Former Leader/He died)
The Prophet (Superior/Ally/Possible future Enemy)
Lucifer (Future possible Enemy/He speaks to her)
Michael (Former Ally/Friend/Kissed; One Night Stand)
Harper Cole (Former Childhood Friend/Inferior/Harper was killed)
Wes (Co-Leader/Ally)
Status Alive
Job *Co-Leader of Mallory
*Priestess of God (The hearer of sins)
*Priestess for Lucifer (Unknowingly)

Laurel Phillips is a character that was introduced in Season 2. She is somewhat of a priestess-figure and a co-leader for the town of Mallory. She hears all the sins of her fellow townfolk. She meets Michael and they develop an interest in one another. She sees that he needs fixing. She also takes charge whenever a storm comes to prevent the eternal fire, that protects Mallory, from going out. She is also seen to be a good fighter. However, she also argues quite a bit with her hotheaded co-leader, Wes. Michael and Wes, so far, aren't the best of allies. Michael sacrifices himself in order for her to live in the town and she survives. Michael and Laurel also share a kiss before the ceremony.

When Michael and Gabriel fly back to Mallory to see if Lucifer is still alive, the Prohpet appears to them and reveals that Laurel was supposed to die instead of Michael, because all of Mallory's previous leaders before her have sacrificed their lives not for the sake of God or the town's safety, but for Lucifer to come back to life. Her whereabouts and status are currently unknown, but it can be assumed she is with the rest of Mallory's citizens after she was forced to evacuate with the town with the rest of Mallory's people.


Laurel seems to care for her town and is keen on protecting it. She is also accepting of newcomers. This is shown when she welcomes Michael to Mallory. She also displays a sense of both wisdom and a fierce protective side for the people in her town. She also still believes that God is present.

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