Before Julian (the human) was possessed by the spirit of Lyrae (the Higher Angel), he was an Air Force Captain stripped of his rank when he released an unguided missile, and unintentionally caused hundreds of civilian casualties. As a result of his error, Julian was removed from flight command in Iraq, and transferred to an administrative position at a North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) annex outside Jackson, Wyoming. At his core, Julian was a military man defined by his rank. When he was pulled from the front lines and forced into a lowly office job, Julian suffered a harsh demotion akin to that of Lyrae, whose excessive violence caused Archangel Michael to banish him to the outer sphere of disembodied lower angels.

When the Extermination War began, Lyrae possessed Julian’s body and the Dyad emerged to battle for divine vengeance against the upper echelon of angels: Archangels Michael and Gabriel and their higher angel comrades.