Julian is a rare creature known as a Dyad. He is a fused being made up of the disembodied higher Angel, Lyrae, and the human Julian. Lyrae assisted Michael and Gabriel with the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. When Michael discovered he enjoyed his job much too well, he demoted him to the lowest sphere of angel, which left him without a body. Lyrae then fused together with the human Julian, creating Julian the Dyad. Julian was using the 5th Amphora of darkness to draw lower angels from the Ether into human bodies and created an army of eight-balls. He was planning to use this army and the darkness within the amphora to destroy the higher angels who have enslaved the lower angels. Julian has revealed that he plans to attack Vega and turn all of the citizens into eight-balls using the Amphora. He began to torture Gabriel with it once he has the archangel under his control, however, things backfire and Julian is forced to hide within his own city, away from Gabriel.

However, during the season finale of Season 2, Julian is revealed to still be alive, but dying from his wounds. He still promises, however, to help serve his lower angel allies (as he calls his "brothers and sisters") and to see them safe on Earth.


Lyrae is the dominant spirit within this Dyad, and so Julian's thoughts and actions are more according to his will than the human's. Both his angelic and human side makes Julian a Dyad with a vengeance. He hates all the archangel's for treating the lower Angels like garbage and he is tired of their quarrels. Julian hates Michael and Gabriel the most, as seen when he was torturing them. Julian has a heart of stone, but he is not without mercy. He develops an unlikely alliance and even friendship with General Edward Riesen even though the general was originally his prisoner, even saving his life once he finds the Amphora (hidden originally by Noma) and turns the dying general into a Dyad.