An archangel floating down


A Power in its battle armor


A higher angels taking off

Higher Angels are the upper class of angelic beings, more powerful than the lower Angels. The higher Angels were granted corporal bodies when they were created, which are superior to human bodies (immortal, more resistant to damage and have wings). The higher Angels have two specific classes: Archangels and Powers.

Known Spheres of Higher Angels


Five Archangel siblings comprise the first order of angels: twin brothers Michael and Gabriel, twin sisters Uriel and Raphael, and Son of Morning, the first born of the majestic Archangels. Archangels are highly skilled warriors endowed with incredible strength far superior to that of both humans and their angel brethren. They have heightened senses and heal quickly, but are not indestructible. They can be killed, but only with Empyrean steel. The start of the Extermination War caused a great divide in the Archangel family. When Gabriel waged war on humankind, Michael turned against his brother and set out to protect them. Uriel and Raphael proclaimed their neutrality, but with time Uriel joined Gabriel’s side. Unlike his siblings, the Archangel Gabriel has cultivated the power of possession, and can possess both Higher and Lower Angels.


The Powers are the second sphere of angels. Created as warriors to keep the lower angels in line, the powers were granted corporeal bodies to distinguish them from their lesser brethren and to better perform their duties on Earth. The powers answered to the archangels.


When higher angels are disembodied, their spiritual form is similar to that of a lower Angel a floating head made up of light, except instead of white, they are golden with a greenish hue.

Higher Angels were given bodies that are almost identical to the bodies given to humans. They are able to unfurl large feathery wings at will, allowing them to fly, fight, and protect themselves. One sphere of higher Angels, the Powers, are known to have red irises as well.

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