Status: Siblings; both are Archangels. They care about each other. They had a close relationship. They lived together before Gabriel's hideout was destroyed. Uriel wanted to scam him (and his twin brother) without him knowing. Ended; Uriel died in an airstrike.

This is the family/sibling relationship between Archangels Gabriel and Uriel. Uriel is the older sister of Gabriel and they shared a close bond before Uriel died.

Early Life

They both were close siblings before God cast all Angels out and onto Earth. It is unknown where Uriel was at the time when Gabriel started his extermination war, but Uriel didn't take Michael or Gabriel's side, like most Higher Angels didn't.

Season 1

Uriel seems to be very close with both her younger twin brothers, Michael and Gabriel. However, she lies to them by pretending to be on their sides. She does this for her own benefit and for her former lover, Arika's benefit.

Season 2

Uriel and Gabriel are not seen together this season, however, an angel who followed Gabriel reported her death after Claire Riesen conducted an airstrike on his hideout, depleting the strength of his army and followers. Gabriel is extremely shocked and heartbroken at her death. Even though she is not seen this season, it is assumed that she is dead.

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