Furiad is one of Gabriel's lieutenants. He is also Gabriel's most trusted ally and soldier. He is a power, a higher caste of angel responsible for keeping the lower angels in line, but lower than Archangels.


Furiad is very prideful. Michael describes him as "vanity before intelligence." He cares deeply for his fellow angels and is fiercely loyal to Gabriel. Unlike most higher angels, Furiad holds some value to lower angels and was visibly saddened and shocked when Gabriel killed his eight-ball lover.

Like all of Gabriel's angel followers, Furiad disdains humanity. However, his conversation with Michael suggests that Furiad has had intimate contact with humans at some point, as Michael noted that, like himself, Furiad "smells" like a human and comments of Furiad's vanity, suggesting that Furiad has had sexual relations with human women.


Furiad appears as an olive-tone male with red eyes. He wears red armor in battle and wears a red leather jacket when not in battle.

Powers & Abilities

Furiad is a higher angel with considerable strength and fighting skills even in comparison to archangels. He is a leader among the powers as evident in his red armor and clothing. His rank may contribute to his strength and combat prowess, though this is merely speculation.

  • Immortality - Furiad is thousands of years old.
  • Possession - Furiad was given his own body when he was created, which his spirit possesses.
  • Superhuman Strength - Furiad's strength is such that he can stand against Michael in battle, although he had to gain the upper hand and utilize his enhanced relexess to strike a fatal blow. It is also shown that he can break thin empyrean steel blades with ease. Despite their intiall confrontation, Michael was able to catch Furiad by surprise and restrain him to a wall easily, showing his superior archangelic strength and Furiad's insufficiency in powerly strength.
  • Wings - Furiad can unfurl his enormous feathery wings from his upper back. As a higher power, his wings are red.
    • Flight
    • Wing Shields - His wings protected him from the gunfire of Vega's military and Alex's handgun.
    • Wing Blades
  • Heightened Senses - Furiad's senses allowed him to smell human scent on Michael.
  • Swordsmanship - Furiad's heightened reflexes and centuries of experience allow him masterful swordsmanship skills.


  • Empyrean Steel - Empyrean steel can slay Furiad.
  • Mass Explosions - Immense explosions can kill Furiad.
  • Electricity - Furiad can be knocked unconscious by electric shock.
  • Higher Angels - Higher angels such as other powers and archangels such as Michael and Gabriel can match up to Furiad. Gabriel can possibly possess him as he can other highers.