An Eviction is an incantation which evicts (or "exorcises") an angelic spirit from the body it's possessing. An eviction will only work if the Angel has stolen the body from a human/other angel, and if the host wants the spirit to leave. If not preformed perfectly, this will also evict the human soul, leaving an empty vessel. Uriel was in possession of a book,of the Apocrypha, which held the secrets of Eviction. Throughout history, people have tried performing evictions with the Apocrypha, but the words could not be read properly. When Alex, The Chosen One, read the eviction from the apocrypha, his markings made the inscriptions readable.


One incantation to Evict an angel is to repeat the phrases "Sanctify this vessel! Come into the light!"


  • Black Eyes Blue
  • Ouroboros
  • Heirs of Salvation
  • Reap the WhirlWind (unsuccessful)

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