Dyads are a unique form of Possessed humans who are the result of a disembodied higher angel possessing a human. The only difference between a Dyad and an Eight-Ball is the symbiosis between the human and angelic souls; resulting in a type of hybrid being - half-higher angel and half-human. Julian and Edward Riesen are currently the only known Dyads.


When the disembodied spirit of a higher angel possesses a human, it creates a Dyad rather than an eight-ball. Unlike a regular lower angel, when a disembodied higher angel possesses a human, their spirits fuse together, making them one being (a Dyad). There is always one dominant spirit within a Dyad; whichever spirit has the stronger will, will have more influence on what the Dyad does. A spirit can be so dominant, in fact, that it is more of a possession than shared control, leaving the other spirit with little to no control. Michael claimed that Dyads are much more powerful than eight-balls, and that Alex should be worried about Julian. The only known dyads are Julian , the combination of Lyrae and the human Julian, and Riesen, the combination on Edward Riesen and the higher angel Duma.


Dyads can appear completely human, similar to that of a higher angel. Rather than just having their pupils dilated, like eight-balls, Dyads eyes become completely back, with a a faded blue iris.

Powers & Abilities

  • Immortality - Like all Possessed, Dyads possess the immortality and supernatural vitality of angels.
  • Higher Angelic Strength - Being a higher-angel lacking it's body and higher angel title, Dyads also possess strength far beyond that of common Eight-Balls.
  • Immunity - The angelic half of a Dyad cannot be evicted, because the human half does not want it to leave, as they are one being.