Gender Female
Type Human
Home *Vega (Formerly)
*Helena (Currently)
Relationships Arika (Lover/Ally/Queen)
Helena's Representatives (Allies)
Status Alive
Job Nurse

Daria is a minor character introduced in Season 2. She is introduced as Arika's partner/lover and ally. Arika seems to truly care for Daria (unlike Arika's relationship with Uriel) and threatens to kill a Vega guard if the guard as so much as laid a hand on Daria. Daria continues to appear by Arika's side for three episodes and survives getting out of the Eight-Ball war inside Vega. She flees the deadly city by flying back to her home, in Helena, with Arika and her representatives.


Daria is shown to be loyal to her queen and lover, Arika. Daria cares about her Helena people and is willing to betray another ruler of another city (Vega) for her people.


Daria is an attractive young woman with dark skin and a shaven head.

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