Clementine took Edward Riesen's wife's name in order to blend in with the strange society of humans. She fell for Edward and began a years' affair with him, while in his own wife's body. However, Alex Lannon took her into custody when she was caught killing a Vega citizen. Alex later tried an exorcism on her. It worked, but the real Clementine didn't survive for long. Later in season 2, Julian puts Clementine in another host body and reunites her with her former lover, Edward. Edward is moved by Julian's actions. However, her time in the mortal world is short lived once Gabriel kills her in order to get Edward's angel side to dominate control over Edward Riesen's Dyad body.


Like all Eight-Balls, this one was drawn to her former host body's life. However, Clementine wanted nothing to do with Gabriel's war and instantly knew it was a mistake to possess Clementine's body. Clementine wanted to meet Claire for years after having an affair with Edward, but wasn't allowed to being she was an Eight-Ball. Clementine was secluded for years and only had Edward as company. She craved socialization with the people of Vega. Unfortunately, when she tried to see Vega alone, a salesperson recognized her as an Eight-Ball. She desperately tried to stop the salesman from exposing her, but she ended up killing him violently when he was still panicked at the sight of her. She also has a short temper, lashing out at Alex whenever he attempted to speak to her.