Status: Were Married; Ex-Best Friends (Grew up together), Enemies; He betrayed her by being a part of the Black Acolytes. Ended; Both are deceased.

This is the relationship between Claire Riesen and William Whele. They were apparently childhood friends that grew up together in rich, high class families.  They are both the children of wealthy rulers of the city of Vega.  During the beginning of the series, they are forced into an arranged marriage to unite the divided rulers of the city.  William is in love with Claire, but her heart belonged to Alex Lannon.  She loved him like a brother, until he betrayed her by her finding out that he was the leader of the Black Acolytes, after their marriage.  They are currently married, but Claire exiled him from Vega after finding out about his betrayal.  They are now ex-best friends as well.

They do not interact in Season 2. William was too busy thinking that he was the Chosen One, when he moved back to Vega. Claire was also too busy running Vega with the help of Alex Lannon, Michael and Noma Banks. William does however hallucinate seeing Claire as a reckless Eight-Ball while he was hallucinating under the spell of the Amphora, released onto Vega, by Gabriel. William is later killed by his own father when the son tries to destroy Vega's people. They may not interact again as far as the series goes.