B and M

Status: Ex-lovers; Made Love, Former Allies, She loved him and wondered if he ever felt the same, He cared for her, He killed her in a fit of rage; Ended (She was killed by him)

Becca Thorn and the Archangel Michael were in a secret relationship before the start of the series. They broke up mid season, but still remained some what friendly and at times seemed intimate once again.

Michael warned Becca about the dangers of their relationship and did not want her to have a relationship she had to keep secret. David then discovered the relationship and tried to blackmail Becca.

Becca ended the relationship but began experimenting on Higher Angels as she felt she had to help the citizens of Vega and this was a higher priority than any loyalty to Michael, though she states that she did it for their relationship. Becca removed Michael's friend's wings and dissected him to discover the higher angel's secrets.

When Michael found out, he was so enraged that he killed Becca in a fit of rage, ending their relationship forever and perhaps losing touch with his humanity. However, he soon finds it and defends a town full of innocent people. He still mourns her even during the premiere of season 2, having dreamed about her.