A and U

Status: Former Lovers; Former Allies, Arika was only using her; Ended (Uriel died).

Arika and the archangel Uriel were lovers. It was revealed late in Season One that these two are plotting against Uriel's angelic brothers, Michael and Gabriel. Uriel wants to end their violence because all she wants is peace. Arika is helping ensure that she gets that peace. Uriel unfortunately dies in an airstrike, orchestrated by Claire Riesen, when she was in Gabriel's former hideout in the Colorado mountains. It's currently unknown how Arika is handling her death, but she may not know. However, she is currently working with Claire, the mother of the Chosen One's unborn child.

In Season 2, it is revealed that Arika knew of Uriel's death, but was not bothered by it. She also mentioned to her current lover, Daria, that Uriel was an "old friend" who was useful to Arika, for a time. It seems that Arika only used Uriel for her own gain. It is unknown if Uriel felt the same about Arika being the archangel was trying to scam her older, twin brothers.

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