Status: Former Friends, Former Co-Leaders and Allies/Enemies. They led Vega together before Gates Foley exposed her involvement in trading intelligence with David Whele in the civil war. Ended (Claire died)

This is the relationship between Arika and Claire Riesen. They originally had little to no interaction in season 1, until Arika is seen with her ex-lover, Uriel, discussing the fact that Claire was pregnant by the Chosen One's unborn child.

Later in Season 2, Arika has stepped up to the plate with Claire to help build Vega up as a better city. Ever since Michael left, the city has been in turmoil, much to Claire's resentment. It is later revealed that Arika was only using Claire as a co-leader and a friend to get what she wanted: ruling Vega. When Gates Foley is put in the picture and gets close with Claire (romantically and strategically for Vega), Arika is worried about her cover. Gates eventually discovers that Arika is the mole in Vega's system and has her imprisoned. Arika was giving David Whele intelligence about her side in the civil war that has Vega up in arms. Claire tells Arika that she is disappointed in her and Arika told her that it was nothing personal; Arika was only trying to usurp Claire's position for Helena.

When the Amphora infects all of Vega, thanks to Gabriel, Arika hallucinates Claire interogating her as if she were an Eight-Ball. Arika previously convinced Claire to use an Eight-Ball named, Rose, to set up David Whele and have him booted from his position in the Senate of Vega. Arika then mercilessly kills Rose after the Eight -Ball did her job. Only this time, Rose replaces Arika and eventually has her at gunpoint. Afterwards, Arika truly regrets hurting the people she has hurt in the past, she shows regrets for killing Rose, and regrets hurting Claire. She tries to get Claire to come flee with her to Helena when an army of Eight-Balls invade and slowly destroy Vega and its citizens, but Claire declines the offer and helps Alex Lannon fight the army. Claire is unfortunately killed when Duma fires a gun in her direction. It is unknown if Arika knows of Claire's death being Arika fled the city with her lover Daria, and her representatives.

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